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IELTS Test Analysis

Complete a practice test under exam conditions. A comprehensive one on one session is held between the student and experienced IELTS instructor. The IELTS instructor provides detailed feedback on the results and identifies areas which require improvement. Recommended for students who have taken exams many times without being able to achieve the desired result.

IELTS Writing Assessment

Have your practice writing tasks marked by an experienced IELTS instructor with written feedback provided. Ideal for students looking to improve their score in the writing section of the test.

IELTS Speaking Assessment

We offer one on one speaking sessions with an experienced IELTS instructor aimed at improving this key section of the test. The instructor will explain the criteria an examiner is looking for. They will also discuss the skills necessary to achieve your desired score. Sessions are conducted over 30 minutes with a 15-minute feedback session. Recommended for students looking to improve the speaking assessment section of the test.