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IELTS Test Analysis

Test Analysis (Per Session) $199.00

During one of our IELTS Test Analysis sessions we will conduct a one on one simulated test covering all areas of the IELTS exam. Following the session, the instructor will evaluate the results and provide comprehensive feedback on key assessment areas to the student. These sessions are an ideal way for students to understand their current strengths and weaknesses. One reason many students are unable to achieve their desired score is because they aren’t aware of what they are doing wrong. Instructor’s discuss the techniques and skills required in each exam section to achieve the student’s desired score.

IELTS Writing Review

Writing Review (Per task) $9.00

At ESOA we have experienced instructors who can mark your completed IELTS writing tasks so students can determine their current level prior to undertaking the exam. Each task is marked with brief comments provided to allow students to determine where improvement is required. This is an economic service which allows students practice specific techniques to achieve their desired writing section score.

IELTS Speaking Assessment

Speaking Assessment (30 mins) $29.00

The speaking section is one area of the IELTS exam where students can improve their score relatively easily. Our instructors provide simulated exam conditions to allow students to practice exam techniques prior to undertaking the IELTS test. Following the simulated test, the instructor will provide detailed feedback to the student. This includes comprehensive analysis on how the student can improve. The course is ideal for students looking to specifically improve their IELTS speaking score.