What makes a great teacher?

Teachers come in all shapes and sizes. We have all had the benefit of learning from teachers throughout our lives. Our parents were probably the first teachers we encountered in our journey. They provided us with guidance and advice to tackle the challenges of growing up. Parents continue to offer support as we progress through adolescence and into adulthood. Many of us would have also had favourite teachers at school. Remember the teacher that stood out from all the others and you felt a real bond with? Why are some teachers so good at what they do? Here are some thoughts.

  • An individual with a genuine interest in helping others to achieve goals
    Many teachers feel a true desire to assist others. They enter the teaching profession as they want to make a real difference in the lives of those around them. These individuals are often characterised as being dedicated and hard working. They usually go well beyond the call of duty.
  • Somebody who truly understands the student’s perspective
    Teachers who relate well to students build a rapport that encourages mutual respect. Many teachers, and leaders for that matter, inspire others to achieve their best. They do this by encouraging others through motivation and collaboration. Teachers with these traits don’t consider themselves superior to students but rather as a mentor to guide the learner.
  • A person who can convey messages and information with simplicity and clarity
    This concept is not as easy as it sounds. Clever teachers are able to translate ideas and concepts into easy to understand language for students. They build on foundations and create a scaffold from which students learn further.
  • Someone who creates the ideal learning environment. Learning should be enjoyable. Students should always feel comfortable. These elements are essential in any learning environment. If you recall one of your favourite teachers, you will probably remember classes being fun – regardless of the subject. Well respected teachers have a knack of making subjects interesting by appealing to students’ own interests and relating information to everyday situations.

At ESOA we understand the qualities necessary to be a great teacher. We therefore continually strive to deliver the best for our students so that they may achieve their goals.