What makes a great student?

  • Commitment to achieve goals?
  • Determination?
  • Focus?
  • Ability to listen?
  • Willingness to seek assistance?
  • Eagerness to learn new things?
  • Seeking self- improvement?
  • Actively seek advice?

Students study English for many reasons.  Some for enjoyment, others for travel or business and some unfortunately because they have to! The reason for studying will often change how student’s approach studying. These range from watching English movies or DVD’s, reading magazines, books and newspapers in English taking lessons at a language school or studying from a set English coursebook.

Often students who use these methods of study may not see significant improvement despite spending considerable time, money and effort. This situation can lead to students becoming demotivated. Is there an alternative? We believe there is. A great student is dedicated but also needs support and a mentor. Students who achieve success develop through nurturing, guidance and being constantly motivated to accomplish their best.

Taking traditional lessons in a language school are one way to improve a student’s English ability. Unfortunately, due to constraints such as time or location this option may not be possible. Recently due to the improvements in technology online communication has become easy to access and use. More and more students are taking advantage of this fantastic study option.

Here at ESOA we want to help good students become great students.